What is A/B Testing?

By Blog Ryne Dutcher

A/B testing is a method that compares two or more different versions of a webpage that determine which layout will convert visitors to customers best.  This can also be referred to as bucket testing or split testing. It is one of the most common tactics used to improve a page’s performance by comparing statistical analysis.

When starting what is essentially an experiment, each page is working towards a common goal. Half the visitors can be sent to page A while the others are sent to page B. The changes within the page can be simple or complex, such as different wording, images, design or interactions. Common goals can vary from time spent on the page, clicking an image or interacting further by downloading a file.

A/B testing is popular because it’s cost effective and simple to manage. It can take a couple days, weeks or months to complete. When the results are finalized, it is not uncommon to see conversion improvements to upwards of one hundred percent or more. The return will result in savings, improved user interaction and new revenue.

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