Ever find yourself reading a blog that answers your every question following a quick google search? How do we find the right blog that answers our questions? Or, better yet, how do you write a blog that answers the questions your consumers have? Following blogging best practices and optimizing your SEO helps your content get views and helps your consumers get answers.

Blogs can be educational, entertaining, or just for fun. They can cover ANY topic, depending on the platform, and the writer. More specifically, blog content often comes from the firsthand experiences of the writer. Blogging allows writers to take their experiences and knowledge and share it with you. Through this content, writers can elevate your brand status by providing value, and readers can learn from what they’ve read and apply this insight to their lives. Blogging is as much strategic as it is creative. Follow GROWL’s tips for blogging best practices in 2021.

Do Your Research

Before jumping into creating a blog, you will want to do some research, just like you do with everything else in your life. Research blogs and content that fit your brand’s larger goals. Consider who are your competitors, what your industry leaders are talking about, etc. Try to avoid topics that are more personal and only interest you. Take note of how blogs are structured; there are different formulas that work for different blog types. It is also helpful to observe the platform structure and how the website looks. Building a foundation of basic blog knowledge will help you grow as a blogger and positively impact your writing.

Find Your Why

After you research, decide what the point of your blog is going to be and why you’re starting it. Having a direction will help build your reputation, give your writing structure and resonate with your desired audience. Don’t forget to consider your persona when choosing your “why.” Choosing your “why” will help set the tone for your brand authenticity and help keep your blog aligned with your values and mission.

Get Your Blogging Style Down

Writing a blog is different than writing a term paper; blogs can have personality, fun jargon, and little quirks. When writing your blog, remember to talk like yourself and make it personable. Don’t make your writing stiff, or you’ll lose your audience’s interest. Blog writing is encouraged to be conversational, as it’s more approachable and more enjoyable to read. The more approachable and personable your writing is, it will help attract more readers and gain traction. Be real with the people who follow your blog.

Don’t Forget to Stand Out

When you begin your blog research, you’ll notice that other publications will have similar ideas and topics to you. Your goal is to make your blog stand out over other publications by writing valuable, meaningful content and something that your audience can walk away with. You don’t want to rely on conceptual ideas that don’t have actionable steps for success. By making your blog stand out, you can help readers discover helpful content and position yourself as a thought leader within your industry. Providing actionable steps in your writing will help you gain creditability keep readers coming back.

Blogging can be a lot harder than you initially think, but once you understand the fundamentals of building a blog, it becomes a little easier. Knowing your writing style, audience and doing your research will help you excel within your company. In addition, creating exciting content for your audience that is fitting to the persona and shows them something as opposed to telling them will make you stand out as a blogger.

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