The holiday season is upon us on the Colorado Western Slope. The Growl team has been out and about viewing lights across the valley. We are impressed with everything we see. Inflatables, lasers, music and many houses that would make Clark Griswold jealous.

We all enjoy loading up our vehicles with friends and families and driving around looking at lights and decorations.

Here is a list of lights that we visited: Drive through these neighborhoods to see many other houses that are decorated. We found it fascinating how extravagant and extensive the decorations were on these houses.

Grandview Neighborhood in Grand Junction is filled with decorated houses.

  • Start at 2808 Grand View Drive, Grand Junction.
  • 325 Northridge Road, Grand Junction. – This is a popular house. If there is a line, try coming from the other direction. – Tune your radio to 102.3 and enjoy the show.
  • 26th and Partridge Road, Grand Junction. – This is the house with all the blue lights you can see from I-70 west of Horizon Drive. – There are other houses in this neighborhood as well.

These are out in the country a bit:

  • 1041 24 Road Grand Junction. – Turn your radio to 89.1 18 ½ and L Road – This is another one that has music.
  • East 3195 F ½ Road 2924 ½ Wagon Way Road Grand Junction

Orchard Mesa Area:

  • 1125 Santa Clara Grand Junction – Look for hot chocolate and candy canes being passed out for a donation.
  • 2977 Wichita Court, Grand Junction

City Lights:

The western slope cities do not disappoint during the holidays and do a great job lighting up their downtowns. Consider stopping and taking in some shopping and eating. We support shopping local.

Grand Junction:

Downtown Grand Junction is lit up very nicely. Stop and shop Local.


Fruita did an amazing job with their downtown lights. Take a tour through downtown. There are many neighborhoods that are really lit up.


A very cute downtown and wonderfuly lit for the holidays.

Happy Holidays!

The Growl Team

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