As the world of marketing becomes increasingly more digital, adapting your brand’s content marketing strategy is critical. Content marketing trends bounce from blogs and email to social media and ebooks, all elements adding value to your brand.

While many marketers are content creators, it’s not quite the same as content marketers. Creating content is the actual creation of marketing material: a magazine ad, a billboard, a social media post, or even a website. On the other hand, content marketing is the strategic creation and use of content to connect with an audience on a deeper level. The key to content marketing is the ability to understand your audience and provide value that translates into conversions and even loyal brand followers.

Ready to get started? Use GROWL’s top 6 tactics to improve your content marketing strategy.

1. Put your audience first

Focusing on audience needs and what they are reacting to will clarify what message will resonate with your brand. Content marketing is dynamic, and it is essential to let your audience lead you to create relevant content.

2. Use data to understand your audience

Data is a critical tool that helps marketers see what is working and what isn’t. Data must be used to analyze who your audience is (psychographic and demographics) and how they act, react, and engage.

3. Don’t promote your brand relentlessly

Content marketing isn’t about pushing readers to purchase; it’s about guiding them to a solution – your solution. A content marketing strategy should position your brand as an industry leader, rather than push customers away with salesy content.

4. Provide a solution

The service or product that makes your brand should be something that your audience is invested in because it solves their problem or meets their needs. Though, as mentioned before, you aren’t selling your product; you are using content to help further your business goals.

5. Drive your audience to convert

Do your best to create content that utilizes a strong call to action that send viewers to your social pages or your website to learn more about your brand or become loyal followers.

6. Share outside value

By sharing content from peer leaders or trusted resources, your brand will further its positioning as a leader. It’s vital always to add value and share content that is relevant.

Keeping these elements in mind will help ensure your 2020 content marketing strategy is on track. Though the content marketing avenues mentioned before are tried and true, there are new trends on the horizon that will help your brand stay a relevant fixture in your industry.

Start implementing these top content marketing trends in 2021.

Voice search optimization

Many people today grab their phone and ask Siri, Alexa, or Google to answer questions, rather than typing. In 2021, voice-based content will be one of the top trends for content marketers. Creating content optimized for voice search in a long-form question will help these AI features find and use your content.


Podcasts are an extremely viable tool to increase brand visibility – if you know your audience consumes this type of content. Be sure when you are looking for new ways to reach your audience that you are looking in the right places! Your audience is out there and ready to engage with your brand.

Short-form video

With the rise of TikTok and, more recently, Instagram Reels, short-form video has become an enormously popular way for brands to reach younger audiences excited to engage with this kind of content. Short-form video content thrives on the entertainment value. By leveraging humor, educational content, or exclusives will drive success for brands.


Each social media platform provides its own unique form of live streaming. Utilizing these tools will help you reach your audience and engage with them in real-time, which can help you build trust with not only your audience but a whole new one as well. Authenticity is vital on social media, especially on a live stream.

There is a lot that goes into building a strong content marketing strategy. Need help getting your brand on the right track? Contact the GROWL Team today!

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