Businesses across every industry are adapting to remote work and a world changed by the Coronavirus. Similar innovation is critical for driving virtual sales and maintaining lead generation. Sales traditionally rely on in-person meetings for pitches and demos; however, COVID-19 dictates a new all-digital precedent, forcing companies to bolster virtual communication.

To maintain the credibility and strong connections typically present during in-person meetings, follow GROWL’s quick guide to virtual sales and demos to keep fostering leads, and generating sales.

Virtual Sales Platform

With so many ways to conduct sales outside of an in-personal meeting, it can be difficult to determine the best way to connect with prospects. First, consider your prospect’s preferences along with their tech proficiency. Without the ability to meet in person, remember that prospects still crave a human connection, so consider which platform is best suited for each individual.

One of the best means of virtual communication is video conferencing. Video conferencing platforms, like Zoom, offer the ability to chat, screen share, and have a nearly face-to-face connection. Using video is a great way to build credibility with your prospects.

When you can see and engage on this level, it is vital to take the extra steps to make sure a client or potential client is comfortable. Rather than jumping right into the meeting’s agenda, leave a small amount of time, in the beginning, to connect with them. Start the conversation by catching up on how the weekend was, personal life updates, latest projects, and generally how they are doing. Although it is natural to want to move along to make sure all schedules are met, take the time to build a relationship that goes deeper than just a sale.

Virtual Presentation Materials

Pre-presentation preparation is critical in virtual sales. First things first, be very familiar with your video conferencing platform. You should know how to operate all the features and how to troubleshoot unexpected technical difficulties. Second, have a backup ready in case of internet failures; have every party’s contact information readily available.

When it comes to the actual presentation, materials should be crips and tested in advance. Although your sales are virtual, you should still know the presentation well enough not to require notes. Remember, similar to in-person pitches; it is critical to engage your audience and implement interactivity. When in-person, it is easy to read body language and quickly pivot your presentation strategy; however, you must engage with the prospect and capture their attention through visuals and questions with virtual sales. This is where you will demonstrate why YOU stand out and how YOU are the best fit.

Virtual Demos

As will all traditional sales, virtual sales require you to know your lead (or client) very well. Take note of their work-from-home routines, business changes, and successes or struggles. Then, leverage this familiarity in virtual demos. Prospects likely have numerous virtual meetings planned, so it is critical to make the most of your scheduled time for a demo. While you might have planned to show exactly how a product works in person, adapt and create new ways to accomplish the same task.

For example, during virtual sales, a live demonstration of you interacting with the product might not win the sale. Consider prerecorded, in-depth videos or sending a sample product to the prospect. With a sample, they can test elements as you review features and benefits.

Remember, a solid demo can be the difference between a new client and a lost lead. Always practice the presentation with coworkers, evaluate methods, and adapt.

Next Steps

After delivering the best virtual sales pitch or demonstration of your life, make sure to close the sale. End every meeting with a quick recap and next steps. Regardless of if you’re scheduling a follow-up or moving on to onboarding, take the time to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Relying solely on virtual connections for sales and demos can be intimidating, but you can successfully acquire and retain clients with the right tools and strategy. If you need help building a robust plan for virtual sales and demos, contact the GROWL team today!


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