Working with email marketing? Use these tips to build your email list! With four billion accounts worldwide and an open rate of around 25% for B2B, email marketing is one of the most efficient marketing tools out there.

Start Building your Email List with GROWL’s Top 5 Tactics to Grow your List Organically


Create a Website Pop-up

Your website is a critical touchpoint to reach potential customers. Pop-ups can be triggered by various user actions, including exits, duration on-site, and site location. Beyond prompting gated content and impactful lead magnets, pop-ups can drive web visitors to join the email list.

Segment your Email Lists

Your goal is for your email to have a high open and click rate and ultimately generate more sales leads. Therefore, it is essential to adapt your content depending on the industry you are targeting. Email recipients are more likely to open and engage with content that caters to their specific needs and interests. Use appropriate keywords and identify pain points.

Create Remarkable Visual Content

By including eye-catching visuals with the email content, you will captivate the attention of your audience. Being memorable will differentiate your email from the competition. Additionally, eye-catching emails help encourage sharing.

Promote Newsletters on Social Media

Social media is an ideal way to extend your business’ reach. Through your social sharing, integrate frequent posts encouraging followers to join your newsletter. Such posts can direct followers to a unique landing page or can leverage a social media form. With a solid organic foundation, your brand can run highly targeted ads to further grow its email list.

Create Lead-Capturing Content

Your website’s landing page can be a powerful tool to gather emails from future clients that have visited your website. Add materials to your landing page that can be of your clients’ interest and, at the same time, add value to your company. Ask visitors to provide their email to download the information. Gated content such as e-books, courses, and links to webinars can be a great way to provide insights into specific industries and gather emails. You can also create pop-ups so customers can easily subscribe to receive new materials.

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