February 14th is known as the day we buy chocolates and send our loved ones flowers and well-written cards filled with X and O’s. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by many. However, we think an even more important day is Pet Theft Awareness Day.

Pet owners never want to lose a pet. The feeling you have when you go outside to call in your dog from outside and to notice they are gone is something you never thought would happen to you. Stories of people losing their pets while on vacation or from your vehicle while someone is watching your pet fill the internet. The threat is real with 2 million pets being stolen annually in American alone.

Here at Growl Agency, we love our pets, and our office is happily filled with dogs.

Here are some tips to consider to be prepared if you ever have that horrible experience of losing a pet or maybe you can just help find a friend’s lost pet.

  • Make sure your pet has current ID tags and is micro-chipped. Does this tag have a couple of phone numbers on it?
  • Do you hike with your pet? Will it stop on command if it sees a rabbit, deer or another dog? People lose their pets outdoors all the time and, it’s due to the owners not having verbal control of their dog.
  • Make sure your yard is secure from animals escaping or people getting in to take your pet.
  • Have numbers of local animal control and veterinarians ready.
  • Have recent photos available to create posters that can be created and shared online. Check out the free lost pet poster services online. Think about having a poster saved to print and share easily.
  • Contact local neighborhood groups such as nextdoor.com to post info.
  • Provide pet sitters with all the necessary information in the event an animal gets loose.

Are you prepared now for the possibility of your pet going missing? Being prepared now can help get Rover and Fluffy safely back to you.

We wish you and your pets a very wonderful Valentine’s Day.

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