A sales strategy can’t rely on guesswork. By incorporating a robust data analysis, using predictive analytics and data storytelling, your sales team will bolster leads and generate more revenue. Although implementing metrics into your sales strategy will take work, it will result in higher revenue and conversions. Use GROWL’s three steps to enhance your sales enablement strategy.

1 Conduct a sales analysis

Sales analysis is a statistical report used to interpret and track the sales team performance compared to sales goals. The key to sales is to generate revenue. Consider how products/services are performing, and why. Such behavioral trends, cross-referenced with consumer actions will reveal your most profitable segments. After targeting your top list first, your sales analysis should identify other loyal customers and tactics to reach new targets.

2 Leverage predictive analytics

Integrating predictive sales analytics with automation will help eliminate risk and prevent your business from misinterpreting trends. With many types of sales analysis methods out there, predictive analytics is critical. Predictive data uses machine learning and robust modeling to align predictions with sales goals. From estimating when machinery will need servicing to predicting what products prospects will purchase next, predictive analytics identifies trends and personalizes sales approaches.

3 Enable sales through data storytelling

The key to a successful sales enablement strategy is data-driven storytelling. After analysis and predictive analytic modeling, turn data into actionable stories. Presenting statistical success to current customers will improve loyalty and trust. Additionally, meaningful metrics will help convert leads into customers.

Focus on statistics that matter, considering monetary and intangible successes. Data-driven storytelling should spark an emotional connection by identifying pain points and providing relief. Transforming numbers into a carefully crafted story takes some work; thus, sales teams should draft, practice, and refine every story.

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