It’s time for GROWL’s 2021 marketing year in review! For many, 2021 was a light at the end of a dark tunnel coming out of 2020. With hopes that the pandemic was behind us, many people started to live like normal again. However, the pandemic isn’t behind us, and life is far from “normal.” 2021 brought forth continuous COVID-19 impacts on the business world and life in general, various tech advancements, digital domination, and a lot of uncertainty. This year was full of highs and lows; reflect with GROWL as we look at our 2021 marketing year in review. 

Recap of Major Milestones  

2021 introduced a lot of demanding trends in the marketing realm. While the digital realm was evolving rapidly before the pandemic, the 2020 lockdowns caused virtual spaces to skyrocket, which did not slow down in 2021. During the pandemic, most entertainment and shopping was done digitally. The digital world took off and dominated various platforms and will continue to do so next year. Some major milestones that took place in 2021 will be critical in staying relevant and being successful next year.  


Video has become the fastest-growing form of content. People are now consuming video content in greater quantities from YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat videos, and Instagram reels. Humans are visual creatures—we absorb images easier than written content. Plus, with the rise of virtual events, video marketing has blown up and will only continue to grow. If your brand hasn’t implemented video content as a part of your marketing strategy, 2022 is a great time to start. 


One of the most notable things that happened this year was Google’s removal of the 3rd party cookie. Customers are starting to value privacy and security more and are willing to break ties with companies who don’t respect their privacy wishes. Many companies have begun implementing stricter security protocols to keep their customers’ information safe. In 2022 and years to come, maintaining customer privacy and security will be crucial in staying relevant. 


Advancements in the AI world have made business owners’ and marketers’ lives easier. AI solutions and tools are more accessible than ever, which is why so many companies are turning to AI technologies for marketing. In the future, more companies will start adopting AI to automate routine tasks, freeing up the time of human employees and enabling them to focus on tasks that require a human touch.  

COVID’s Impact on Marketing  

COVID-19 has quite an impact on many things, marketing being one of them. After the initial start of the pandemic, marketers had to rise to the challenge of thinking of creative and innovative marketing strategies to help them navigate this new “normal”. For many brands, this means addressing sustainability, evaluating operational options in an environment of uncertainty, identifying potential new products and services needed to meet consumers’ needs and expectations, and using social media effectively.   

Heading into 2022 

2021 was definitely seen through a more positive lens than 2020. As we take a look at our 2021 marketing year in review, it’s important to look ahead at 2022 and what to expect for the new year. Although we can’t see the future and predict what will occur in the marketing world in 2022, we can follow trends that will give your company an edge over others. Even though the past few years have been filled with chaos and uncertainty, our actions can help ensure a positive outcome for 2022.  

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